August 25, 2009
Some Snow Leopard Features Less Impressive

Well, looks like reddit is making fun of more reliable disk eject in Snow Leopard (pic, and context (bottom of the page)). While I don't think that disk eject improvements necessarily needs it's own icon, it is a feature that's nice to have, and makes the OS experience better. Ever had one of those times when you try to eject a CD or removable drive and it just says "can't eject" and you can't figure out why, and end up having to reboot? It happens on Mac, Windows, and Linux... this is just a little feature that will tell you what process is preventing the ejection. Simple, but a nice bit of polish (IMHO) that adds a bit more user friendliness to the OS. Pretty sure that Ubuntu has this as well come to think of it.

As another side note, looks like Windows 7 does this too, which is more good news.

Posted by Arcterex at August 25, 2009 08:22 AM