July 20, 2015
Evernote Brings On New CEO Chris O'Neill

Meet Evernote’s New CEO Chris O’Neill:

Today, Evernote has 150 million users worldwide. Each of these individuals is raising their hand, looking for a different way to get work done. The need is massive. Evernote’s potential is enormous. We’ve proven the potential. Now we have to fulfillĀ it.

Kudos to Phil and the Evernote team, this is a big step. I’m a huge Evernote user, most everything in my life goes in there in some form, work, receipts, documents, photography… the whole thing. Evernote feels like it’s stagnated lately though, not that the apps are bad, but I’d love to see more. I’m sure that Mr. O’Neill will take the great system it is now and make it even better.

Posted by Arcterex at July 20, 2015 11:55 AM